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Golden Opportunities

There are many advantages to getting an older Swissy:
Most older Swissies have already been spayed or neutered. The price is usually less than the cost for a puppy. Most older Swissies have been crate trained, housebroken and socialized.

Why are adult Swissies available?
Sometimes an owner’s situation may change and they are no longer able to properly care for their Swissy. Breeders have them returned in order to ensure that they will be placed in an appropriate home.
Potential show/breeding prospects, that are kept by breeders, may not turn out as had been anticipated. They may have a minor structural or conformation fault that makes them unsuitable for the breeder to include in their breeding program. However, the dogs would make wonderful companions.
Hopefully, a person may be able to find an adult Swissy that would fit into their lifestyles, and make a welcome addition to their family.


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June 22, 2012

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